10 best English learning apps for Android

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English is a complicated but popular language. It is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world, in fact, and it is widespread in many countries. Learning English is a bit difficult, but rewarding because you can use it almost anywhere. There are a surprising number of apps out there to help people learn English. They belong to a few different categories. You have your full learning experiences like Memrise or Drops, practice apps like HelloTalk or Tandem, then phrasebook style apps like Simply Learn English. We have a mix of the three below. You probably already have at least a little knowledge if you’ve found your way here and can read this entire paragraph. So here are the best English learning apps for Android!

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Price: Free / $ 69.99 per year

Busuu is a popular language learning app. It also supports English from a variety of other languages. It uses somewhat traditional methods. You learn grammar, spelling, words, sentences and conversational English. The app also includes accent training and it is one of the few good offline English learning apps. It’s a bit expensive for its annual subscription. However, you do get a decent amount of free content to get you started. The app itself is pretty much the only other potential problem. It has its quirks, but it’s functional.

Screenshot of Busuu 2021

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Drops: learn English

Price: Free / $ 7.49 per month / $ 48.99 per year / $ 109.99 once

Language Drops actually has two English learning apps. One is for British English and the other is for American English. It’s a good choice to make. The app uses an aggressive vocabulary method. He doesn’t teach as much grammar. Instead, it teaches conversational English and you learn the grammar yourself as you go. It also includes offline support, games, and a variety of subscription and price levels. These are pretty decent apps, especially for those who don’t have a lot of time to study every day.


Price: Free / $ 9.99 per month

Duolingo is one of the best free English learning apps. It supports over two dozen languages ​​in total and English is one of them. Duolingo uses a fun teaching method. You do a bunch of grammar and vocabulary lessons disguised as games. So, it’s a bit more colorful and fun than more serious apps like Mondly, Memrise and others. The bite-size lessons also make it ideal for quick learning sessions during your lunch break. It is definitely one of the first English learning apps we recommend to people.

Duolingo screenshot 2019 final


Price: Free / up to $ 15.99 per month / up to $ 99.99 per year

EWA is a great app for learning English. It has an attractive user interface, different learning levels, and works in small chunks, so it’s great for learning on the go. Additionally, the app offers over 1000 books to help you practice your English reading skills. Some of the other tools include 40,000 flashcards, various learning techniques, and it will even use things like TV shows or movie clips to teach you more. The entertainment aspect seems to keep people engaged while they learn. The only downside is the expensive monthly subscription. Definitely go for a longer term to save yourself a lot of money.

EWA screenshot

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Hello english

Price: Free / $ 8.99 per month / $ 29.99 per year

Hello English is a popular application for learning English. It allows you to learn the language of 22 other languages. It should work for most people. The app offers 475 lessons, offline support, a 10,000-word dictionary, and teachers to help you. It also uses fun teaching methods such as daily news, audio and video clips, and even e-books. People seem to really like this one and it worked well during our testing. The subscriptions are also fairly reasonably priced, although we recommend a one-year subscription as it is much cheaper.

A screenshot of Hello English for the best English learning apps from Android Authority


Price: Free / $ 1.99 – $ 4.99 per month / $ 21.99 – $ 29.99 per year

HelloTalk is one of the most interesting English learning apps. He uses some kind of social network to teach. You team up with other people. They teach you their language and you teach them yours. The exchange helps with conversational English, vocabulary and even grammar. The app supports over 100 languages ​​and also includes voice calls, video calls, text messages, picture messages, and audio messages. We recommend that you use it as a form of secondary study. This along with something like Duolingo should help you get there without much of a hassle.

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Google Translate

Price: Release

Google Translate is a great app for language specialists and travelers. The app has three main features that make it really useful. The first is your standard text-to-text translation. It works with 103 languages ​​online and 59 languages ​​offline. The app also translates speech in real time. It’s a great tool for practicing your vocabulary and diction. Finally, you can point the camera at things. The app also translates camera content in real time and it works great for menus, road signs etc. Google Translate is free and anyone learning a second language should have it. Microsoft Translator (Google play link) is also surprisingly good at learning languages.

google translate is one of the best english learning apps for android

Learn English phrases

Price: Free / $ 4.99

Learn English Phrases is a simple and accessible application for learning English. This one works best as a phrasebook or reference guide. It has a bunch of English words and phrases with American and British pronunciations. You can also record your own voice and hear your sound. It is also one of the best offline English learning apps, although it works best as a study aid. This, along with another app like Duolingo or Busuu, is a very good combination.

Learn English Phrases is one of the best English learning apps


Price: Free / $ 9 per month / $ 59.99 per month

Memrise is one of the most powerful and popular language learning apps. It supports a variety of languages ​​and that includes English. Memrise is a community site and it uses many different teaching methods. This includes your basic vocabulary and grammar lessons, plus games, conversational English, a pronunciation guide, and more. It even has offline support. It is a bit more expensive than most. However, there is enough content here to keep you busy for a long time. Mondly is another English supporting app that works quite well.

Just learn American English

Price: Free / up to $ 7.99

Simply Learn American English is a very simple application. However, this one is mostly useful as a phrasebook. The premium version contains over 1000 words and phrases in 30 categories. The free version gets around 300. The app also includes audio pronunciations, quizzes, and flashcards for easier study. This is a great secondary study aid when paired with a more serious app like Busuu, Duolingo or Memrise. It also works offline in case you want to know.

Simply Learn is one of the best American English learning apps

Tandem and HelloTalk

Price: Free / $ 6.99 per month / $ 34.99 per year

Tandem is a community app for learning languages. It’s very similar to HelloTalk. You team up with people, teach them your language and they teach you theirs. The app supports voice and video calls as well as picture, text and audio messages. It supports more than 150 languages. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a pair. Tandem even offers professional tutors. You can also choose the topic you want to learn more about each day. That, along with HelloTalk (which is very similar both in scope and in its premises), works very well as a secondary learning platform alongside the main one.

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