10 best bullet hell and shoot ’em ups games for Android

10 best bullet hell and shoot ’em ups games for Android

Danmaku Unlimited 2 best hell ball and shoot em up games for Android

Bullet Hell games are a unique subgenre in the game. The genre made a little return to the mainstream with the release of NieR: Automata and its incredibly fun bullet hell sequences. He takes the pleasure of a shot and the reverse on the player. There are still firing mechanisms. However, the goal is to avoid the bullets flying at you and shoot the bad guys. So, it is somewhat different from your average shooting games.

Another name for the bullet hell genre is shoot ’em up (or shmup, for short), maniacal shooter, Danmaku (literally, bullet curtain), and STG (Japanese abbreviation for shooting games). He’s a prominent mechanic in top down aerial shooters and some action games. Turns out there is a decent, albeit somewhat small, selection of Hell Bullets on Android. Here are the best moving ball hell games we could find.

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⑨ Ball

Price: Free (with ads)

⑨ 弾 幕 is a rare and free shooter game with a lot to do. It has the utter chaos typically associated with the genre with colorful retro graphics and lots of challenges. It’s a Touhou riff, a classic ball hell game from the late 1990s, and it’s not the last time we’ll use that name in this article. Either way, this is a good basic shoot’em up that’s completely free with no in-app purchases.

Screenshot of Bullet Hell

AirAttack 2

Price: Release

AirAttack 2 is an aerial shooting game from WWII era. The game contains 22 campaign missions, a survival mission, amazingly beautiful 3D graphics, and five airplanes to play with. Some other game features include Android TV support as well as external gamepad support and you can play offline. The gameplay is good for the genre. Plus, the controls are easy to learn. This one can bog down some mid-range and low-end devices, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

Bullet Hell Monday Series

Price: Free / up to $ 4.99 each

Bullet Hell Monday is arguably the best game of its kind right now. There are three games in the series, including the original Bullet Hell Monday, Bullet Hell Monday Black, and Bullet Hell Monday Finale. The games all have retro style graphics with shockingly colorful and bright graphics with tons of ball hell action. Each game has different chapters to play, various upgrades to unlock, and simple controls. The developer is also making .Decluster Zero, another exceptional shoot ’em up. All four games from this developer are exceptional, in fact.

Guardian girls

Price: Free / up to $ 6.99

Guardian Girls is a decent shooter with colorful graphics and anime inspired characters. The game includes a story mode which isn’t for everyone, but at least it’s there with the usual series of things like boss fights, colorful battles, and simple controls. You get a boss fight every ten levels. The game is relatively smooth. Moreover, the game has a strong soundtrack and it is friendly for beginners. It’s not the most popular, but that’s okay.


Price: Free / up to $ 2.49

Mathmare is a minimal style shmup without any actual shooting. Players avoid the different shooting patterns in the game in order to move to the next level. This effectively cuts the amount of game elements in half, but it’s a great premise overall. Experienced gamers of the genre may find this game quite easy. The newer ones in the genre will probably appreciate it a lot more. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the bulletproof look of the genre. The game also works quite well on all of our test devices.



Price: Free to play

ShooMachi is a reasonably decent ball hell game. It’s a vertical shooter that takes place on the ground rather than in the sky. The mechanics are largely the same, however. You dodge bullets as you take out baddies, upgrade your weapons and armor as you level up, and keep playing to unlock more stuff. The game also includes a few difficulty modes, various power-ups and boosts, and more. Those who donate to the developer can remove the ads permanently and get unlimited XP potions for faster level increases. The only real problem is that the game can get repetitive after a while and the game could use new and more diverse levels.


Price: Free (with ads)

Squadron is another of the best free ball hell games on mobile. The game is a bit slower than you would typically see, but it’s smooth and enjoyable otherwise. The longer the game, the more difficult it becomes. You can also upgrade your ship as you progress. It’s not the deepest game of its kind and there are 30 levels in total. However, it’s hard to complain because the game is completely free with no in-app purchases or ads.

Sky Force Reloaded

Price: Free to play

Sky Force is one of the most popular aerial shooters on mobile. Sky Force Reloaded is the last in the series and it’s pretty good. Players complete levels, upgrade their ships, and continue to level up in this way. The graphics are colorful and comparatively excellent. There are also nine ships to play with, bonus cards to offer permanent buffs, and a few difficulty modes so you can play at your own pace. It’s free to play with some microtransactions, but in-app purchases are pretty tame and don’t affect the game much.

Touhou Thousand Nights History

Price: Release

Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis is another game made in the Touhou style, but is not an official Touhou game. The game features tons and tons of dodge bullets, boss hits, and 12 total stages to play. Players can select the difficulty for an easier or comparatively harder experience. Most reviewers agree that this is about as close to an official Touhou game as you can get on Android, so those who want to see the roots of the genre should definitely give this one a try. It’s also free to play without microtransactions.

Screenshot of Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis

AKA TO BLUE and Danmaku Unlimited 2

Price: $ 8.99 and $ 3.49, respectively

AKA TO BLUE and Danmaku Unlimited 2 are two older games in the genre which are both still very good. AKA TO BLUE has a 90s arcade quality in terms of gameplay and graphics. It also includes a real voice cast, beginner-friendly features like auto bombs, and a few other fun things. Danmaku Unlimited 2 is a bit more traditional and difficult. It includes four difficulty levels, a few different game modes, and graphics settings for low-end devices. Both games saw their last updates in 2017, so we don’t think the developers are actively supporting either game just yet. This makes it hard to recommend as these are premium games (nor with in-app purchases, for that matter). Still, both performed quite well on our test devices. AKA TO BLUE is available on the button below and Danmaku Unlimited 2 is available here.

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