10 best apps and privacy lock apps for Android

10 best apps and privacy lock apps for Android

best apps and privacy lock apps for Android

The applock is perhaps the most rudimentary of security applications. The way it works is that it will block your other apps from prying eyes. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your Facebook, gallery app, or banking app. They work best when paired with a lock screen lock to give you two levels of security. Which ones are worth buying? We will help you with the best apps and privacy lock apps for Android! You can learn more about applocks by clicking here!

It is important to note that this is not an ultimate security solution. It’s good for kids or snoopy friends. However, these offer very little real security for things like stolen phones or even against your more tech savvy friends. This is an added security measure and applocks do not offer enough security to replace existing tools such as biometric lock screens.

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Apex Launcher

Price: Free / $ 3.99

Apex Launcher is a great launcher and it just happens to have an applock feature. The features of the launcher are pretty good and include various customizations, support for icon packs, various effects, and you can hide things like the status bar or the dock if you want them invisible. There are also app security features including the ability to hide apps from the app drawer and an applock feature with a password protection layer for added security. It’s always a little better if it’s built into the launcher rather than from a dedicated app, so if you don’t mind redoing your home screens, this one and Smart Launcher 5 (listed below) are good alternatives to dedicated applock apps.

Apex Launcher is one of the best android launcher aps

Applock by DoMobile Lab

Price: Release

Applock by DoMobile Lab is definitely one of the best applocks out there. The app can perform basic tasks like locking specific apps. It can also lock specific images and videos. It also includes uninstall protection, fingerprint support, and you can even lock things like incoming calls, uninstalling apps, and your various system functions like Bluetooth. The app is free to download and use. You can unlock the premium features by activating the ads or paying for the premium version via donation. It’s a powerful app and one of our favorites.

AppLock by DoMobile is one of the best security apps

AppLock by IvyMobile

Price: Release

Another of the best applocks on Android is AppLock. As you will see, it can lock pretty much any app on your phone. It also offers the option to lock photos and videos. The app has an invisible pattern lock as well as a random keyboard in case someone tries to look over your shoulder. You will also get themes, the option to replace the icon so that you can hide the app, lock the frequency, and more. It will even take a picture of people who have entered the password incorrectly. It is completely free to download and use. This is another good advantage for this one.

Ivymobile - Best applock apps for Android

AppLocker by BGNmobi

Price: Free / $ 2.99

BGNmobi’s AppLocker is a decent overall app lock app. It does most of the same things as other applock apps. This includes locking apps and gives you different ways to access them. You get fingerprint support as well as pattern unlock and password unlock. It also comes with some customization options and may prevent other users from uninstalling apps. It won’t dazzle you with a ton of extra or unnecessary features. It’s just a simple app lock that does its job pretty well and is also cheap. You can use it for free if you also subscribe to Google Play Pass.

Norton app lock

Price: Release

Norton is a big name when it comes to antivirus applications. Ultimately, they also provide free app lock app. It uses a four-digit PIN, password or pattern as the lock system. It also supports photos alongside apps. The app also comes with a list of recommendations that lets you know which apps need to be locked. It’s a great tool for those who want a more hands-on approach. Like most others, it also takes a photo of anyone trying to get into your phone. It can be bypassed if the peeker is smart, but it’s still one of the strongest applocks.

Norton App Lock Best App Lock for Android

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Perfect AppLock

Price: Release

Perfect AppLock is another of the best applocks out there. It introduces the basics, including support for locking WiFi, Bluetooth, and other toggles. It’s also quite frustrating to pretend. It throws up bogus errors and all kinds of other messages. It makes people think that there is another problem other than an applock. The free and paid versions offer exactly the same functionality. The only difference is that the paid version doesn’t have ads. It’s a solid option all around, even if the name exaggerates its capabilities a bit.

Smart AppLock

Price: Release

Smart AppLock is another decent free applock option. It locks your apps and photos including your settings, toggles, and phone app (for phone logs) to keep them safe. It disguises itself as a lock screen. That way people think they’re back there. Along with this, it provides automatic start on restart, tamper alerts, delayed app lock and fingerprint scanner capabilities for Samsung devices. It is a free option which is supported by advertising. The only downside is that it’s pretty easy to uninstall once someone figures out it’s there.

Smart Applock is one of the best applocks for Android

Smart launcher 5

Price: Free / up to $ 6.99

Smart Launcher 5 is a newer launcher with decent security features. The app offers launch elements like ambient theme, responsive icons, app sorting, gestures, keyboard shortcuts, and more. One of its more niche features is an applock. The launcher hides apps that you don’t want other people to see. In addition, if they find them, the applications are protected by a PIN code. We would have liked to see fingerprint reader support, but it’s a full launcher with a built-in applock and it’s a bit rare in this space. Fortunately, this rarity is also quite decent as a launcher and app lock.

SpSoft AppLock

Price: Free / $ 4.99

SpSoft AppLock is a decent option for applocks. It includes password, pattern and fingerprint unlock. This is good news for those with fingerprint scanners. Like many, it will take a selfie of people trying to get into your apps and fail. It also has a bunch of fun little extras. You can make your unlock pattern appear on a grid of up to 18 × 18 instead of the traditional 3 × 3. It will also show a fake error message instead of a lock if you want. The app will even keep your screen on while using certain apps if you want to. It is a good option which also supports over 30 languages.

SpSoft AppLock is one of the best applocks for Android

Ultra AppLock

Price: Free / up to $ 7.49

Ultra AppLock is another decent applock with enough features to work for most people. You just open the app, lock the apps you want, and then you need a password to enter them. The app supports fingerprint locks and can send tamper alerts if someone guesses the wrong password. The applock part of this app is working fine. However, it also includes cleaning and battery saving features that absolutely don’t work and we recommend that you don’t even touch them. It’s reasonably good and should do the job for the most part as long as you stay away from the cleaner features.

Ultra AppLock screenshot

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

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