1.3 million personal data of clubhouse users have been disclosed

1.3 million personal data of clubhouse users have been disclosed

According to Phone Arena, 1.3 million personal data of clubhouse users have been disclosed. That’s a lot of data circulating on the Internet. the Flag The app has literally been one of the fastest growing apps over the past few months. It’s an app that also has a simple premise. This is an audio-only chat room that requires an invitation to join.

The app is also only on iOS at the moment with an Android version in a few months. With that in mind, it makes the size of the data breach even more astonishing. There have been malicious cyber criminals who used the new app for their projects.

In fact, they were fake Facebook ads that attempted to trick victims into joining the Clubhouse for PC. For anyone wondering why this is a problem, it’s because there is no PC version. By signing up, the users would get the malware that shares the user’s devices. Fortunately, the ads have been removed.

Now, the 1.3 million accounts with leaked data are deleted user records. The incident occurred days after more than a billion Facebook and LinkedIn user records were offered for sale. The main problem is that those at the Clubhouse are made available free of charge. This right out there is just terrible.

Data from the leak includes user ID, name, photo URL, username, Twitter handle, Instagram handle, number of followers, number of people followed by the user , the date of creation of the account and the name of the user profile of the person who invited the subscriber. .

1.3 million personal data of clubhouse users are available free of charge via the Clubhouse API

That’s basically all the platform has on the subscriber. Again, this is all circulating online for free. Of course, Clubhouse has an answer. The company claims that it has not suffered a data breach. Additionally, the company claims that the information in the leak is available for free through the company’s API. It doesn’t make it much better.

It actually looks worse and can cause many users to question the privacy policies of the app. And the world knows how Privacy policies can put a business in a difficult position.

The craziest thing is that it often happens. But what makes it crazier is the fact that Clubhouse claims that this information is readily available through their app or API. This calls into question the ethics of the company and raises more questions. For example, why is this sensitive information readily available?

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